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Nuck Chorris - MR FIST!

Nuck Chorris - Mr Fist!


A punch so powerful it can smash anything - as long as the timing is right!

Splat the Rings

Aim, Tap & Splat!


Splat The Rings is an exciting endless one-touch game in which you touch the screen to shoot the ball - and splat the rings!




Hand cannons ready!


Shoot at the right time and climb high, select your weapon and flip it to new heights.

Spiral Plunge

No second chances, Spiral Plunge is about building the biggest score you possibly can in a single run (or drop)!

Zillions - Cannon Ballz

My Name is Dave



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App of the Month

Each and every month we select an App from our portfolio for you to enjoy - this is our App of the Month for August 2018!


Flip the Heat

Flip the Heat – Where each gun has its own specification!

Tap to shoot, get the timing right and climb as high as you can – careful though, if you run out of ammo or let the gun fall, its game over.

Pistols are light, but they move slowly. Automatic guns moves fast, but they are more heavy than pistols so they tend to fall down faster. Rockets and rifles have their own unique physics – so there’s a big variety of “heat” to try out!

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