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Blade Arcade

Welcome to the Blade Arcade - try your flicking, flipping and throwing skills on 3 difference stages.

30 Unique Blades to unlock - all with their own physics and handling characteristics.

Dastardly Darts!

Dastardly Darts - Fly my little beauty fly!


Ah those Dastardly Darts.


Huge stages, loads of targets and a shop full of new Arrows to try!.


Balance is Everything!


Tilt your device to control the Zing Sphere rolling on a precarious path – just don’t fall. But seriously, you will fall a lot! 

Spiral Plunge

No second chances, Spiral Plunge is about building the biggest score you possibly can in a single run (or drop)!

Zillions - Cannon Ballz

My Name is Dave



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App of the Month

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The Speedbox is under your control, just avoid the obstacles and collect the medals - building your score as you go faster and faster!

Two gameplay modes - Classic which see's you compete on the Global Leaderboard and Infinity which is score building for the thrill seekers!

Will you be one of the handful that is skilled (or lucky) enough to get past lowly level 3 - lets see!


2 Modes - 2 Fast - 2 Bad!

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